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Master Builders Association

Why do we suggest joining the Master Builders Association?

The top 10 reasons that more then 3,200 companies belong to the Master Builders Association:

  • To buy employee health insurance at 15-30% below market rates.
  • To buy employee health insurance at 15-30% below market rates.
  • o be promoted to the public through radio and T.V. advertising, the MBA website, the Remodeled Home Tour, Both Seattle Home Shows, the REX Awards, the MAME Awards, and Master Builders Care Foundation charitable events.
  • MBA University offers members extensive educational opportunities at half the price of non-members.
  • To find the general specialty contractors in our Membership Directory.
  • MBA membership includes membership in the Building Industry Association of Washington and the National Association of Home Builders.
  • To give their company credibility by using the MBA logo on business stationary.
  • To build business relationships with other construction industry professionals.
  • To receive the Master Builders Magazine, BIAW Building Insight, NAHB Builder Magazine and other Association publications.
  • For involvement in local, state, and national construction industry lobbying.

Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties

Master Builders Association of Pierce County